Odds & Ends 1lb Soap

Love quality soap? Don't care about having one certain scent, pretty labels and perfect bars? Love a good deal?

This is for the adventurous soul! These odds and ends are the less-than-perfect-looking pieces of soap that are cut off from soap batches. You get the same healthy, natural and great-smelling soap that you love for less. These are not small little scraps. These are slightly smaller bars that might be end pieces, uneven cuts, or have dents and dings. Not as lovely to look at but just as lovely to use!

This listing is for a random selection of 1 lb. of soap odds and ends. They will come packaged in a cellophane bag. They will not be separately labelled.

Thoughts to keep in mind when ordering: -Scents might meld -You do not get to pick scents, it’s a surprise! -They come in many different sizes and shapes

Product Description: **Those with skin allergies** Because of the use of nut oils, essential oils, fragrance oils and herbs in some of my soaps - this listing may not be for you.

Ingredients: All soaps included will be vegan, handcrafted, and at least 97% percent natural (I do use fragrance oil in some of my soaps). They are made from different blends of: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil, Hempseed oil, Wheat Germ oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter.

Odds & Ends 1lb Soap

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